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Welcome to AMORIM cork South Africa

Amorim, the world’s leading supplier of cork stoppers and cork products, was founded in Portugal in 1870. The ethos of tradition and the values of a family business remain the cornerstones of a company committed to excellence and innovation, supported by modern scientific research and a continual drive to ensuring products of supreme quality. Amorim’s global network of production and distribution centres has allowed it to serve customers around the world, and the company has been a partner to the South African wine industry since 1982.


The Amorim Cap Classique Challenge is South Africa’s leading event affording recognition to the country’s astounding array of naturally fermented sparkling wines, known as Cap Classique.


Getting to see how cork has allowed great wine to develop and age is one of the most satisfying and rewarding moments. The extraordinary centuries-old relationship between cork and wine allows it to go from youth to expressive beauty and, eventually, elegant complexity.

150 years of


How do you tell a 150-year history?

Above all, with great respect for the work and dedication that has been shown towards the noble material of cork over the years by our thousands of employees. A venture that started out small, today is large and can be even bigger. As we chart the way ahead, we ambitiously plan for an even greater future. Today, we’re happy to have more than four thousand people working for our Group. That’s a lot of lives! It inspires us to give our best, based on our employees’ profound sense of commitment, dedication, teamwork and selflessness that has always underpinned the success of our Group and prepares us for the next 150 years of our history. Because, when the power of Nature is combined with the passion of various generations, it will always be a success story
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