Amorim Wine
Bottling Workshops

Wine bottling is not a process but a science involving skill, patience, experience and expertise in each crucial step, to ensure the final product of the vineyard’s work and the wine-maker’s skill reaches the consumer in perfect condition.

As the world’s largest and most reputable supplier of cork stoppers, Amorim is an integral part of winemaking process, and because we realise the importance of this aspect of wine production, we  have taken the initiative in now offering producers a Bottling Workshop. The two-hour presentation will only focus on still wines bottled in glass with a natural or technical cork, and will provide a check-list on various parts of the process, addressing guidelines on improving efficiency before, during and after bottling.

Sessions will be hosted and presented by Amorim, and with the gathering of producers the exchange of ideas is set to ensure a new standard of South African wine bottling is attained. Please contact us on if you’d like to have more information. To download our guide for best practices using cork stoppers, please click here.