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Keeping classic wines classic… for longer!

Getting to see how cork has allowed great wine to develop and age is one of the most satisfying and rewarding moments. The extraordinary centuries-old relationship between cork and wine allows it to go from youth to expressive beauty and, eventually, elegant complexity.

For rare cellared vintage wines, some famous wine producers may replace the original cork at a certain point in time – usually after a few decades – when the closure starts losing some elasticity.

This skilled art is called “recorking” and has been performed for centuries.
The recorking process is a meticulous operation, and to avoid excess handling, experts usually work with the producing cellarmaster at the cellar where wines are stored.

As the leading closure partner to fine wine and world’s cork specialist, we have assisted the recorking process of some of the most famous wines ever produced in South Africa.
Each recorked bottle is validated with a sticker and a cork containing a unique alphanumeric number.

Owners will be able to retrieve information of their recorked wine by typing the code at the tracking

Use the exact Seal Number

For example: aa-123456

Authenticated verification certificates: requests can be addressed directly to the wine producer, subject to terms and conditions.

Recorking service – video overview

Recorking – how it’s done

Recorking an historical Grand Constance 1821

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