Supplier of natural cork closures to wineries and distillers

Amorim provides high-integrity natural and technical cork closures for all types of wines, spirits and other beverages, with an emphasis on consistency, rigorous quality standards and product availability.

Using a facility strategically situated in Stellenbosch – the heart of the winelands – Amorim Cork South Africa has earned a reputation for crafting the best cork closures for the most iconic and award-winning wines and spirits. This reputation is supported by the commitment to provide customers with all relevant support in terms of knowledge-sharing and technical-backup. By understanding the unique requirements of each customer, our expert team make a point of assisting them in finding the best solutions for their needs.


Cork is natural material, with strong added value with great versatility, that allows it to be easily carved, cut, shaped, and formed. The capabilities of cork are now broadly explored by designers, architects, and engineers of varied sectors.
In South Africa, we have a team supporting and developing a new base of professional customers and distribution partners for an array of cutting-edge cork applications with unique properties and endless possibilities.

Corticeira Amorim - The world’s biggest cork processing group

Starting in 1870 as a small cork stopper factory in the north of Portugal, Amorim has developed a partnership with the wine world. With a solid commitment to quality, personal service, and R&D, Amorim established relationships with a client-base in all wine-producing countries, with its cork stoppers sealing some of the most iconic and award-winning wines in the international landscape.

A significant investment in research and development and innovation, also led to exciting Amorim collaborations outside wine. Partnering with architects, designers, engineers, and scientists, Amorim has helped developing an array of cutting-edge cork applications with the added advantages of ensuring environmental sustainability. This can be attributed to the nature of the raw product that is cork, an exceptional natural resource with unique properties and endless possibilities.

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