At Amorim, we have always assumed a firm commitment to developing resource efficient products and solutions, produced in a sustainable manner and based on a sustainable raw material – cork.

Aware of its responsibility as leader in the industrial and distribution cork business, the segment that guarantee’s the economic viability of the world’s cork forests, Amorim has published its first Sustainability Report in 2006. Its aim was to initiate, with all its stakeholders, a regular and structured communication practise focussed on the sustainable development policies and related corporate activities.

In 2018, Corticeira Amorim aligned the Company’s goals with the United Nations’ SDGs and laid the foundations for the “Sustainable by nature” programme, which determines the goals set until 2030.

Ten major goals have been set, that align the performance of the entire organisation focusing on ethics and integrity, the value chain, the cork oak forest, climate change, circular economy, green products, development, safety, health and well-being, community/society and innovation.