Foremost Fintech Business Invests in Environment Through Cork Flooring

Driven by a mandate that values the environment and sustainable practices, INCE recently opted to install cork flooring at its new business premises. INCE is an investor marketing business with a global footprint, operating from Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, London and Mauritius.
The company has recently moved into a new building in Sandton’s business district, a change which allowed INCE to incorporate their carbon sensitive approach from the ground up. Leanne Kelly, Head of Marketing at INCE, says since the company moved into an existing building, there were some limits to what INCE could do from a carbon neutral approach. However, interiors and internal policies prioritised the environment and health of the INCE staff – and installing cork flooring in its work areas, as well as its gym, was instrumental in supporting these objectives.

Explains Kelly: “Hydrocork, is a natural product, which is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, resulting in lower energy costs. Both the cork itself and the adhesive used to install it are 100% Non-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The fact that the cork absorbs sound also fits in with a quieter work environment.”

For INCE costs and aesthetics were also important considerations. “While ceramic tiles would have worked out a lot cheaper, the installation of the cork is way more economical, it is faster, meaning less labour and the adhesives are more economical. The cork worked out to about the same price installed and has all the environmental benefits. We really enjoy its natural look and colouring,” says Kelly.

Other environmentally sound practices at INCE include using non-VOC paint for interiors and exteriors, movement sensors on lights, energy-saving LED lights and aircon units, installing water dispensers throughout the building and doing away with plastic bottles entirely. There is a living green wall in INCE’s reception area, and plants throughout the building, which are known to provide cleaner air and reduce stress levels.

INCE’s approach to sustainability also extends to its workforce. Like many majorly successful companies have realised, the wellbeing of staff is directly related to the wellbeing of the company. At INCE, this approach certainly rings true: the business is currently 140 staff strong, and has a client base which includes Sasol, Nedbank, Liberty and Standard Bank to name a few.

Ultimately, INCE hopes that its policies at work achieve a ripple effect of sustainable practices that staff will also adopt at home. “An increased awareness of sustainability and the environment would certainly have an impact on the way employees behave in all aspects of their lives,” concludes Kelly.

Like the small acorn that turns into an oak tree that can live up to 1000 years, we at Amorim have no doubt that INCE’s environmental policies will become deeply rooted in its people, with long-lasting rewards.




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