Amorim Recorking for First Cape Fine&Rare Wine Auction

Some of the Cape Winelands’ most precious collectable wines were recently given a new lease on life with an intricate recorking exercise. A precious line-up of rare vintage finds from the Tabernacle, South Africa’s most coveted wine vault, received brand new superior corks to guarantee the wines’ lifespan and increasing its value. The recorking process ensures the longevity of these South African wines within an international context by safeguarding their pristine condition for the exclusive Cape Fine & Rare Wine Auction taking place at the Rupert Museum on 18 and 19 October 2019 in Stellenbosch.

This certified process was conducted by Libertas Vineyard Estates in association with the world’s leading cork producer, Amorim Cork. “The process increases the value of these investment wines because it provides buyers with unmatched, certified quality. Several checks are put in place to ensure that the mature wines are still, and remains in, pristine condition,” says auction curators.

Delicate and intricate, the exercise was conducted by industry professionals Joaquim Sá, Managing Director of Amorim Cork South Africa, in consultation with wine industry expert Michael Fridjhon and sommelier Jean-Vincent Ridon.

Michael Fridjhon, master taster.

Apart from unbeatable provenance, traceable directly to wine producers and the Tabernacle’s perfect cellaring conditions, wines are carefully inspected by industry professionals. Experts check the ullage and test the wines for any defects like cork, TCA, brett, maderization or other potential problems. Wines that do show signs of evaporation are topped up with wine from the same vintage ensuring a full bottle. Only wines warranting exceptional quality are submitted for the auction.




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