Stellenbosch Community Children visit Amorim to Plant Cork Oaks in Arbour Month

September being Arbour Month, Amorim Cork took-up the 2021 theme “Forest Restoration: A path to recovery and well-being” – by inviting Grade 4 to 6 pupils from the Lynedoch Community School (Montessori) based at the Sustainability Institute in Lynedoch, to spend a day at their site and to celebrate the importance of trees.

Joaquim Sá, MD of Amorim SA said that Arbour Month is of tremendous importance, especially because it affords the youth an opportunity to be made aware of the vital, life-affirming role trees play on earth. “Forests are the planet’s green lungs, and the youth are the world’s future. As a company whose business is centred on trees and forests – namely the cork oak – conservation and reforestation are our core principles,” he says. “Here community participation and involvement are of the utmost importance to ensure that trees are respected and protected, and that their vital role in sustainability is entrenched in current and future generations.”

The 27 pupils, aged between 9 and 12 years, had the opportunity to learn the importance and value of trees in our lives, and were abuzz with excitement at the chance to lend a hand with the planting of beautiful young cork trees at the site surrounding Amorim Cork South Africa.

According to Montessori teacher Carmen van der Venter, all schoolchildren love going on school-outings, and the visit to Amorim’s facility in the beautiful surroundings of Lynedoch was a highlight of the year so far. “Not only because it gave them the chance to get outside, but also to learn about trees is a step in an Earth-friendly direction. And then, of course, the most fun was for them to actually help plant the trees which will be a part of this landscape over two generations.”


She says that the youth’s need to learn about environmental issues and the importance of sustainability are today more important than ever. “The success of our strive towards sustainability falls largely within the responsibility of the youth. With the rapid advent of technology and the countless distractions of the modern world, it is important that children be given access to nature and are presented with opportunities to be actively involved with relevant projects aimed at ensuring sustainability. The visit to Amorim was an excellent occasion to do this, and we look forward to the next one.”

Amorim’s Global Sustainability strategy is aligned with 12 of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, committing itself, among others, to reducing the environmental impact of its operations through the adoption of renewable, accessible and efficient solutions while taking into account the protection of people and ecosystems.




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