Rising Sales Uncorks Potential of Cap Classique Category

As sponsor of the Amorim Cap Classique Challenge, as well as business partner to producers in this category of South African wine, Amorim keeps a particularly keen eye on developments in this sector both in the local and international market-place.

SAWIS sales-figures just in show that Cap Classique moved almost 9 million bottles in 2022 – 6.1 million consumed in the local market, and 2.7million exported, mainly to Europe and America. This is way up on the pre-Covid status when in 2019 the sector sold 7.4 million bottles. Back then, 5.6 million bottles of Cap Classique were sold locally, while 1.8 million bottles were exported.

Source: Sawis

It is thus noticeable that while maintaining a firm grip on the throats of Cap Classique loving South African, the category is gaining recognition among international consumers.

This growth is even more dramatic when stats are compared over a 5-year period. Domestic sales have grown 36% since 2017, while exports are up 50% in volume.

Local and international consumers are also recognizing the quality of Cap Classique by their willingness to pay a premium price. In 2022, one third of all Cap Classique sold locally has a price-tag of over R265 per bottle, while 90% is sold north of R160. Export average price per bottle in 2022 was R 170.

What can this growth in popularity and value be attributed to? While one can never speak on behalf of the consumer, who’s taste-buds do the talking, a number of relevant factors are worth raising.

Number one is, no doubt, the quality of Cap Classique. Producers are sourcing fruit from regions throughout the Cape allowing them to make styles of wines defined by terroir-specific grapes. Add to this the stringent regulations applied by the Cap Classique Association and the commitment of the country’s skilled Cap Classique makers, and one finds a sector guaranteeing a product exuding excellence in every bottle. This is what a consumer wants, and this is what makes a consumer return.

The various styles within the sector also make the Cap Classique proposition as exciting and diverse as it is delicious. Brut…Blanc de Blancs…Rosé…fruity Nectar…there is a wine to suit most tastes, all under the Cap Classique banner, making the choice greater. And now appealing to consumers who in the past might not have found a style to their liking.

The modern wine era has underscored the importance of big brands in creating product-recognition, and here Cap Classique has been fortunate to have a number of producers elevating the profile of the category by creating visible brands using exciting marketing and shelf-presence to entice new consumers into trying this wine style. And once a Cap Classique lover, always a Cap Classique lover – a reality that sees consumers moving along and enjoying the diversity of the category offering.

A category that is quickly moving in the realm of a South African wine success story.




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